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Ceramic Mug - Becky Richards

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Image of Ceramic Mug - Becky Richards

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Lively Lumps mug by Becky Richards for Round VIII of Mug Mates.

Approximate dimensions 8cm high, 11cm diameter.

Suitable for hot and cold drinks. Mugs are dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand washing your mug as it is a special piece worthy of extra care.

Limited edition run of 50, only 1 left.

"As a sculptor, I don’t produce a whole lot of functional objects, but I find a huge amount of joy in creating limited runs of useful, simple things. I don’t use a wheel, and probably never will – hand-building lends itself to forms that feel intimate; wobbly, dimpled, imperfect things.

The Lively Lump Mugs are a special one-off series for Mug Mates, they are all hand-built with pinched bodies and squeezed handles. Each mug features a unique pattern of four different slips, applied when the objects were freshly formed (just born!) Malachite green, aquamarine, burnt umber and iron pigmented clay slips have been applied in a design I’ve come to think of as the ‘beauty spot pattern’.
Each mug is a bit lumpy and bumpy, with a couple of lovely moles on its skin. I’ve been working hard to reconcile the way I look at the bodies of objects, compared to the criticism I heap on my own physical form.

These mugs are quiet little encouragements to celebrate your body, in all its asymmetrical wonder – lumpiness and spots included."