About Mug Mates

mug mates

About Mug Mates

We are pretty lucky in New Zealand, amazing coffee, community, picturesque scenery and a hugely talented people. Mug Mates is bringing that together with a curated subscription - 4 mugs by 4 ceramic artists sent out monthly for 4 months. Kind of like an ongoing gift to someone you love.... like yourself.

Porcelain, stoneware, slipcast, wheel thrown, handbuilt. You will not know exactly what you'll be getting until it is delivered to your door. Each round is curated to sit together like complimentary friends, whilst still having their own personality.

Round I
Houston Design Co. ~ Taus ~ Paul Melser ~ Wundaire 

Round II
Salad Days ~ Renee Boyd ~ Ceremony Company x Wundaire ~ 
Ben Pyne

Round III
George Sand ~ Thea Ceramics ~ Paige Jarman ~ 
Ross Mitchell-Anyon

Round IV
Richard Beauchamp ~ Jino Jeong ~ Good Girl Ceramics ~ Wundaire 

Round V
OËPAN ~ Greta Menzies ~ Nidito ~ Leach Studio Ceramics 

Round VI
Nicola Shuttleworth ~ Mark Coomey ~ Holly Rose Morgan ~ Shanalee James

Round VII
Ruthie Frank ~ Devon Smith ~ Avara Moody ~ PegLeg Ceramics

Round VIII
Scott Brough ~ Becky Richards  ~  Grace UivelStacey Young